NELS's Core Values

Please read our Core Values which we use as our framework and from which we make all of our decisions.

1) Interactive and communicative lessons
: At NELS our lessons are member-centred, rather than instructor-centred, and to maximise member talking time, rather than instructor talking time.
Instructor Talking Time should be used efficiently and effectively. It is difficult for learners to process even one complete sentence. Learners can learn best when they practice, not when their teachers teach. Your goal is to ONLY SPEAK FOR 30% of the lesson, meaning you must GET THE MEMBERS TO SPEAK FOR 70%.

2) Realizing members' aspirations

1. Members will have their own personal reasons for studying English, and they have chosen NELS because of the educational policies, and therefore you, to help them along their English journey. Be respectful to our members for the difficult task of learning another language. Make them proud of themselves. Pride yourself at being excellent at enhancing members' English proficiency. And be proud of your partner instructor because you and he/she make a great team to help members realize their aspirations.

2. Get to know your members so you can learn about their reasons for studying English. Look at their information files before you teach any new members, and use their names in class. Personalize your examples using their experiences, and encourage them to personalize their own examples. This will not only help them remember the language target easier, but will let them know that you are personally interested in their language learning journey. Take time to memorize their information. If you collect more information about a member, write it in his/her information file to share with other staff.

3. Keep the monthly goal in mind. Talk to your partner instructor about how you are doing or what you two should do. Check how much you attained at the end of the month.

3) Embrace continuous improvement.

1. We believe instructors should always be evaluating themselves and continually aiming to improve their ability. We are receptive coaching; eager for training; and tested to determine comprehension. Both Japanese instructors and English speaking instructors are expected to be experts on TOEIC, TOEFL, Eiken and other English tests.

2. NELS instructors are strongly encouraged to attend local teaching events held by JALT (The Japan Association for Language Teaching), or subscribe to teaching websites such as or Oxford University Press ELT.

3. Instructors develop ideas and gain a better understanding of what methods work and what don't when teaching English. To become exceptional instructors, we share our years of knowledge and experience. Rather than feeling like we're giving away our 'secrets', when we share information we all benefit by gaining new ideas. Therefore, we can maintain a consistent level of high quality lessons across all instructors.

4. If you think you can improve anything from the syllabuses you are teaching from, let management know. If you would like to add your own material for example, to help members further with a particular grammar point, it is imperative to communicate this with management first. Because our lessons are repeated several times a week, the syllabus needs to remain the same for repeated classes, so any changes must be agreed in advance and then communicated with all the instructors teaching that same course.

Note that at NELS we don't use the words teacher and student. In Japanese culture, we have this Confucianism hierarchy where only the teacher speaks, namely, teaches, and the students just listen obediently. Not to use the two words is to avoid the possibility of triggering the mindset of Japanese people.

We are looking forward to receiving applications from people who welcome these NELS Core Values.

Please send your CV with your face photo to naturalenglishlanguageschool(at)
We will contact you within 48 hours after you apply. If you don't receive a reply from us, please call us at 011-722-5052.